Ok so this is going to be a slightly different favourites round up, why? Because February hasn’t been the best month it could have been for me, I’m not going to go into why but it hasn’t been a month where anything else really mattered, I just felt numb. I mean sure numerous cups of tea and biscuits have definitely been a favourite and makeup has been a winner to cover up the horrible puffy eyes but my true favourite things about February have been the people around me. My amazing friends, family, work colleagues, my lovely boyfriend and my no.1 main man? Frank! So this post is dedicated to my favourite little 4 legged sausage shaped companion, my miniature Dachshund Frank.


We got Frank over a year ago after longing and longing for a sausage dog. We got recommended to a breeder and he along with one more were the last 2 left, obviously as soon as we got there we knew he was the one..there was no walking away without him. He was 12 weeks when we got him and although he was small he never had a real baby face like most puppies do, he looked quite a mature little man. I won’t lie when the day came round to pick him up I was SO nervous, excited obviously but so nervous at the same time, I kept thinking is this the right thing to do? Am I capable of bringing up a dog? As soon as I got there and he was in my arms I knew 100% this was absolutely the right thing to do!


So the first couple of nights he cried and cried and cried some more, call me a crazy sausage dog lady but I also cried quite a lot. Probably partly to do with lack of sleep but mainly because of the love I felt for this little living thing, he was scared to be in a new environment and taken away from his Mumma so I was determined to make him feel as loved and safe as he could possibly feel. Which left us with a bit of a problem..he now sleeps at the bottom of our bed. Whats that saying, ’you’ll make a rod for your own back’ something like that anyway, yeah thats me! Apart from the sleeping issue he was actually such a well behaved little puppy. We had the obvious toilet training accidents which is to be expected, but he actually picked up on where to go pretty quickly. No furniture was destroyed, he went through a phase of enjoying shoes but that soon passed. All in all I think we had and still have a pretty well behaved little dog.


He’s now a year and a half and the sassiest little sausage ever. We’ve become very attached, I think he does have a few separation issues, but then so do I really. Despite his size he definitely likes to think he’s a scary little guard dog, the barking is pretty intense at times, but that is apparently a trait of dachshunds so although we’ve tried to stop it, if a dachshund’s going to bark he’s going to bark! I never knew a dog could actually make you laugh the way he does either, the facial expressions he pulls, the way he sits there looking at me and my boyfriend as though he’s involved in our conversation, he honestly looks at me sometimes as if to say what are you doing!? His attitude is hilarious, the way he just struts along.. we call him strut along. We call him all sorts to be honest, Wien, Wien Dog, Saus, Baby Wien, Sauspot, just to name a few (and yeah I know I know..we’re weird!)

The most amazing thing is he actually knows when something is wrong, I have heard people say this about their dogs before. I think I will always reflect back on February as a very sad month but you my boy have given me many happy memories and cheered me up hugely. Endless cuddles, lots of attitude and a few gross face licks (I don’t mind!) ..I don’t think I could have done it without you baby dog.. I Love You x


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